Natural longer eyelashes - Best serums

Most people would happily jump at the chance to get longer, fuller lashes. Thankfully, there are eyelash serums that are volumizing and can promote growth. Some are just eyelash conditioners, but others eyelash serums can actually help regrow your lashes. What are the causes of thin short eyelashes? What are the best ingredients to look for in an eyelash serum?

What causes thin eyelashes?

The most common causes of thin, damaged eyelashes are improper or excessive grooming, certain hormones and medications, aging, vitamin deficiencies, infections, and genetic tendency. Our eyelashes are very delicate and sensitive. Rubbing your eyes too hard or too often and not removing eye makeup in the evening can also cause your eyelashes to fall out.

What to look for in eyelash growth serums?

The best eyelash growth serums will contain active ingredients that can strengthen, moisturize, and promote growth. Here are the ingredients you should keep an eye out for when shopping for an eyelash growth serum.

1. Myristoyl pentapeptide-17

Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 is fatty acid combined with a chain of 5 different peptides (penta). Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 is one of the best active ingredients used in eyelash growth serums. This peptide has been shown to boost keratin production (the protein that makes up hair) and lengthen the hair growth cycle. This results in thicker, longer lashes.

2. Hexapeptide

Another effective peptide used in eyelash growth serums is hexapeptide. Like myristoyl pentapeptide-17, hexapeptide stimulates keratin production to achieve longer and fuller lashes.

3. Apple fruit stem cell extract

Plant stem cells are cells that can develop into different types of cells. The extracts from these cells are commonly used in skincare and beauty products. These extracts contain powerful components that can, among many other benefits, stimulate hair follicles on the lash line to elongate the growing cycle and promote new growth.

4. Pumpkin seed extract

The pumpkin seed extract is rich in various components that boost hair and skin health, including essential fatty acids, zinc, iron, amino acids, phytosterols, and B vitamins (including vitamin B5 or panthenol). This extract helps improve the look of your natural lashes by encouraging growth and strengthening the lashes. Additionally, pumpkin seed extract is a great lash enhancer because it conditions and nourishes the lashes.

5. Pterocarpus marsupium bark extract

Pterocarpus marsupium bark extract comes from the kino tree, which originates in India. The botanical extract is commonly used in lash and brow serums as it promotes growth by nourishing and strengthening the hairs.

6. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid can attract moisture 1000X of its weight. This makes hyaluronic acid incredibly effective at hydrating and plumping. When hyaluronic acid is used as an active ingredient in eyelash serums, it helps hydrate and strengthens the hair follicles to prevent breakage and achieve thicker lashes.

7. Vitamin E

Many of the best eyelash growth serums contain vitamin E. The antioxidant power of this vitamin helps reduce oxidative stress that can damage the hair follicle and hinder your attempt to get full, long lashes. On top of that, vitamin E is an effective lash conditioner. Vitamin E is often labeled as “tocopherol” in beauty products. You might also want to keep an eye out for castor oil, a common active ingredient in hair growth serums rich in vitamin E.

8. Biotin

Biotin (also known as vitamin B7) is commonly recommended to take as a supplement to boost hair growth, but it can also be used as an active ingredient in topical products. This B vitamin can help strengthen to reduce breakage while also promoting growth.

Best eyelash care tips according to dermatologists

If you’re trying to grow your eyelashes, in addition to using an effective serum, it’s also important to take good care of your lashes. Here are a few tips to help keep them in the best shape possible.

1. Avoid eyelash extensions and false lashes.

While cosmetically appealing, lash extensions can do more long-term harm than good when it comes to your real lashes. They may damage your lashes, and once you decide to go without them, you may ultimately need to put in more effort to regrow your lashes.

You also need to be cautious with more temporary falsies. If you decide to wear them, you need to be extremely gentle when taking them off to avoid breakage (especially if you have more sensitive skin). Additionally, if you use an eyelash curler, you’ll want to use as light of a touch as possible to avoid damage (or ditch the tool altogether).

2. Use an effective eyelash hair care serum.

For the best long-term results, stick with an effective eyelash serum instead to allow your natural lashes to shine!

3. Always take off your eye makeup at night.

If you wear mascara, eyeliner, or any other makeup around your eyes, you want to make sure you take off your makeup every night. This is especially true if you’re using an eyelash serum, as you’ll want to apply it to a clean canvas so that it can deliver the best results possible.

Eye makeup (particularly mascara) can dry out your lashes when left on overnight and can cause them to get weaker. More alarmingly, consistently sleeping with eye makeup on can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Use a makeup remover formulated specifically for the eyes, and be gentle around the eye area when taking off your makeup so that you aren’t pulling your lashes. While you might be tired at the end of the day, this simple step will work to keep your lashes in the best shape possible.

4. Be consistent with your eyelash serum.

If you want to get the best results from your eyelash serum, consistency is key. You won’t see significant improvement if you just apply the serum every once in a while when you happen to think of it. Make the serum a part of your routine by reaching for that applicator nightly (or on the schedule recommended by your dermatologist), and you’ll get your money's worth with your product.


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