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Best Shower Filter: Jolie vs. MDhair

Filtered showerheads are products intended to purify your shower water and enhance overall skin and hair health. This review compares two leading options in the market: the MDhair Customized Filter Showerhead and the Jolie Filtered Showerhead. Both products promise significant improvements in water quality and health benefits but cater to different needs and preferences. Here's a deep dive into each product, their features, benefits, and how they stand against each other.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

MDhair Customized Filter Showerhead:
MDhair offers a robust build quality with high-impact ABS and a brushed metal finish, presenting a durable and stylish look. It's designed to fit all US showers and adhere to NSF-177 standards. The broad-diameter face provides a spa-like shower feel, making it functional and a luxurious addition to any bathroom.

Jolie Filtered Showerhead:
Jolie stands out with its customizable color, which is available in several finishes, such as Chrome, Brushed Steel, Black, and more. This variety allows users to match the showerhead with their bathroom decor seamlessly. The design is modern, focusing on simplicity.

Filtration Technology and Effectiveness

The MDhair showerhead uses a sophisticated, best-in-class multi-layered 20-stage filtration system, including Vitamin E, Selenium Enriched Balls, and a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite. Specially produced according to NSF-177 standards, it includes a one-of-a-kind mix of filtering ingredients specially designed to reduce contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities that can harm skin and hair.

Jolie's filtration system has fewer filtration ingredients and focuses on removing the most chlorine and heavy metals for the most extended period. By avoiding carbon, which performs poorly in hot water conditions, Jolie ensures effective filtration suitable for high-pressure shower systems.

Health Benefits for Skin and Hair

The MDhair 20-stage filtration system is specifically designed for individuals with thinning hair and sensitive skin. Its advanced 20-stage filtration technology removes a broad spectrum of water contaminants, including chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemical impurities that can harm the scalp and skin. By reducing these irritants, the system can help improve scalp health, minimizing inflammation, irritation, and allergic reactions, common in sensitive individuals. Additionally, cleaner water can enhance the effectiveness of hair and skin care products by ensuring that harmful residues do not interfere with their intended functions.

Jolie claims to improve hair quality. Reviews often highlight less frizzy, more manageable hair and better-moisturized skin. Users report that their hair feels lighter and fluffier, and their skin appears more radiant and less irritated after switching to Jolie.

Installation and Maintenance

MDhair simplifies installation by including tools like a wrench and plumber's tape. The easy-to-follow instructions ensure that setting up the showerhead is hassle-free and that maintaining it involves straightforward filter replacements. It offers a very affordable subscription service for filters, an excellent option for users who prefer not to track maintenance schedules manually.

Jolie also provides tools and a comprehensive guide in the package and offers a filter subscription service.

Final Verdict

The MDhair and Jolie filtered showerheads provide exceptional benefits, catering to different user needs. MDhair is ideal for those looking for dermatology-approved filter systems and people with sensitive skin, given its dermatologist-designed features and tailored benefits for skin and hair health. On the other hand, Jolie offers a stylish and practical solution for those looking to enhance their daily shower experience and improve the water quality in their shower.

Ultimately, the decision between MDhair and Jolie will depend on individual needs—whether the priority lies in dermatological health or aesthetic flexibility and hair care. Both products promise to transform your daily routine, ensuring that every shower cleanses and contributes to your overall well-being and beauty.


Jolie filtered showerhead
MDhair Derm approved shower head (waiting list)

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Q. What are the key features of the MDhair Customized Filter Showerhead?

A. The MDhair Customized Filter Showerhead boasts a robust design with high-impact ABS and a stylish brushed metal finish. It is designed to fit all standard US showers, adheres to CA & NY water conservation standards, and features a large 5.3-inch diameter face for ample coverage. This durable and luxurious addition to any bathroom is specifically engineered for water purification and enhanced skin and hair health.

Q. How does the Jolie Filtered Showerhead stand out in terms of design?

A. The Jolie Filtered Showerhead is known for its sleek, simple design and customizable color options, including Modern Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black. This variety allows users to match their bathroom décor seamlessly. Its design focuses on aesthetic appeal and functionality, catering to users who value style and performance.

Q. What makes the filtration technology in the MDhair showerhead unique?

A. The MDhair showerhead utilizes a sophisticated 20-stage filtration system that meets NSF-177 standards, featuring Vitamin E and Selenium Enriched Balls and a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite. This multi-layered system is designed to significantly reduce water contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, and impurities, making it particularly effective for improving skin and hair health.

Q. How does JolJolie'sltration system enhance the shower experience?

A. Jolie's Solution system is tailored to effectively remove chlorine and heavy metals, focusing on performance in hot water and high-pressure systems. By excluding carbon, which is less effective in hot water, Jolie ensures its filtration remains efficient for longer, providing an enhanced shower experience that promotes healthier hair and skin.

Q. What are the reported health benefits of using the MDhair showerhead?

A. Users of the MDhair showerhead have reported multiple health benefits, including accelerated skin healing, reduced appearance of acne scars, and alleviated inflammation. It is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin or specific dermatological needs, helping to improve skin texture, boost moisture levels, and enhance hair softness and luster.

Q. According to reviews, How does the Jolie showerhead impact hair and skin health?

A. Reviews of the Jolie showerhead frequently mention significant reductions in hair shedding and enhancements in hair manageability and moisture. Users report that their hair feels lighter and fluffier, and their skin appears more radiant and less irritated, contributing to an overall improved daily grooming experience.

Q. How user-friendly is the installation process for the MDhair showerhead?

A. The MDhair showerhead is designed for easy installation and is complete with necessary tools such as a wrench and plumber tape and straightforward instructions. Maintenance is also hassle-free, involving simple filter replacements that help maintain the shower head's effectiveness and durability.

Q. What convenience features does Jolie offer for installation and maintenance?

A. Jolie prioritizes user convenience with an easy installation process, providing all necessary tools and a detailed guide in the package. Additionally, they offer a subscription service for filter replacements, an excellent option for users who prefer automated maintenance schedules.

Q. Why might someone choose the MDhair showerhead over other options?

A. The MDhair showerhead is particularly suited for sensitive skin or specific hair care needs, given its dermatologist-designed features and tailored benefits for skin and hair health. Its advanced filtration system and robust build make it ideal for anyone investing in a high-quality, health-focused shower experience.

Q. What are the deciding factors when choosing between the MDhair and Jolie filtered showerheads?

A. The choice between MDhair and Jolie filtered showerheads depends on individual preferences and needs—whether the priority lies in dermatological health and specific skin and hair care benefits offered by MDhair or the aesthetic flexibility and practical features of Jolie. Both products promise to enhance the daily shower experience, but the best option will vary based on the user's specific health and style requirements.

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